For some, smart homes, or what is also called “home automation,” may be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights. Or maybe it is the ability to remotely power a central sound system on and off and control its components. For others, security may be the central application. As a very basic definition, we refer to home automation as anything that gives you remote or automatic control of the various electronic devices and systems around your home from iPads, smart phones or elegant touch screens.savant01-new

In short, a smart home might include lighting control, security system & access control, home theater, distributed audio and video, climate control, pool & spa control, a telephone system and even irrigation system control. With today’s technology, the possibilities are limitless. Systems of this nature require detailed design, planning and execution as well as a high level of coordination between the various trades and craftsmen involved.

Whether you call it smart homes or home automation, the Sound Ideas team of experienced professionals can put it all together for you.

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