Sound Ideas offers dynamic integrated lighting automation and control. Lighting sets the perfect scene and creates the desired ambiance for any occasion. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, movie night, a business meeting or a quiet Sunday brunch reading the newspaper, lighting establishes the right mood.control

With our integrated lighting control systems which can include motorized shade options as well as outdoor lighting, you can replace rows of light switches with a single keypad. For additional remote control, use an iPad or cell phone or even your TV remote. Create lighting “scenes” for single rooms, or the whole house and turn them on or off with the push of a button. Set scenes based on the time of day, or for enhanced security, have a vacation mode to have things turn on randomly at different times so that it looks like you’re home. Press a button to turn on path lighting to the kitchen to grab that midnight snack. A lighting control system is more energy efficient and can lower your utility costs at the same time that it enhances your home’s security.

Whether you want to dim the lights to the perfect level or turn them full on for task lighting, let our dedicated team of professionals at Sound Ideas show you how to better illuminate your world.


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