San Diego Home Automation

By January 14, 2016 January 27th, 2016 Blog

San Diego Home Automation

What do we mean when we use the term Smart Home or Home Automation? Remote and automatic control has morphed into control from apps on a tablet or mobile phone. If you have a Nest thermostat you can control your heating, ventilation and air conditioning from anywhere in the world where you have a connection to the internet. The same is true for setting your security system. If you have a Lutron or other popular lighting system you have an app to control it if you choose to use it. Apps that open your garage door and inform you when someone else does are not hard to find. You can launch an app to control elements of your audio/video system and your satellite TV receiver.

Cable TV, and phone companies market some basic Home Automation and Smart Home “solutions” but they are quite limited in their scope and functionality.  These systems might control some lights and integrate another element like unlocking the front door but without a fully integrated system you will need to open different apps to do different things. Is that a Smart Home? Is that Home Automation?

These systems are convenient and leverage the technology in useful ways. But at the end of the day they are totally separate from each other, not connected, and are not what we mean by an integrated Smart Home or Home Automation. The difference is integration.

With a customized control system interface such as a Crestron, Savant or RTI system you will only launch one app and all of your systems will be controlled within it –audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC, surveillance cameras, etc. All of the elements of the Home Automation / Smart Home system are linked and controlled by one app which is customized for your needs – bring on lighting scenes, adjust shades, pick appropriate music, set the perfect temperature. And do it all from one app – even with one tap on a button on your tablet or phone. Or do it from a keypad, hand-held remote or touchscreen.

That’s what we mean by Smart Homes and San Diego Home Automation.